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addBalance(long) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Economy
afterBalance - Variable in class
amount - Variable in class
async - Variable in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant


baseCost - Variable in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant
beforeBalance - Variable in class
block - Variable in class
BLOCK_BREAK - Enum constant in enum


CoinEvent - Class in
CoinEvent(CommandSender, Player, long, CoinEvent.Types, long, long) - Constructor for class
CoinEvent.Types - Enum in
costIncreasePerUpgrade - Variable in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant
createMPlayer(UUID, String) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
createMPlayer(Player) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
createWallet() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Economy


decrementMinesBroken() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPlayer
drops - Variable in class


Economy - Interface in me.fullpage.api.interfaces
enableNMSHandler() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
Enchant - Class in me.fullpage.api.interfaces
Enchant(String, boolean) - Constructor for class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant
enchantName - Variable in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant


getAfterBalance() - Method in class
getAmount() - Method in class
getBalance() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Economy
getBalance() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPlayer
getBaseCost() - Method in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant
getBeforeBalance() - Method in class
getBlock() - Method in class
getBlock() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MLocation
getBukkitLocation() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MLocation
getBukkitWorld() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MLocation
getCoins() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
getCostIncreasePerUpgrade() - Method in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant
getCrates() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
getCustom(String) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
getDrops() - Method in class
getEfficiency() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
getEnchantByName(String) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
getEnchantName() - Method in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant
getEnchants() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
getExperience() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
getFortune() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
getGiver() - Method in class
getHandlerList() - Static method in class
getHandlerList() - Static method in class
getHandlers() - Method in class
getHandlers() - Method in class
getHaste() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
getItemStack() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
getLastResetTimeMillis() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MBlock
getLocation() - Method in class
getMaterial() - Method in class
getMaterialList() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MBlock
getMaxLevel() - Method in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant
getMBlock() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MLocation
getMBlockAt(int, int, int, String) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
getMBlockAt(Location) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
getMines() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
getMinesBroken() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPlayer
getMineType() - Method in class
getMineType() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MBlock
getMineTypes() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
getMLocation(int, int, int, String) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
getMLocation(Location) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
getMPickaxe() - Method in class
getMPlayer() - Method in class
getMPlayer(String) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
getMPlayer(Player) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
getMPlayers() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
getName() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPlayer
getNextResetTimeMillis() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MBlock
getNMSHandler() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
getNMSVersion() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
getPickaxeLore() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
getPlayer() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPlayer
getPlayerEconomy() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPlayer
getPlayerEconomy(UUID) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
getPlugin() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.NMSHandler
getRandomMaterial() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MBlock
getReceiver() - Method in class
getSeller() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
getSmelter() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
getSpawners() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
getType() - Method in class
getUUID() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPlayer
getWorld() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MLocation
getX() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MLocation
getY() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MLocation
getZ() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MLocation
GIVE - Enum constant in enum
giver - Variable in class


handlerList - Static variable in class
handlerList - Static variable in class
hasEnoughBalance(long) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Economy
hasWallet() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Economy


incrementMinesBroken() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPlayer
isAsync() - Method in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant
isCancelled - Variable in class
isCancelled - Variable in class
isCancelled() - Method in class
isCancelled() - Method in class
isMPickaxe() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
isOnline() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPlayer
isRun() - Method in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant


location - Variable in class


material - Variable in class
maxLevel - Variable in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant
MBlock - Interface in me.fullpage.api.interfaces
me.fullpage.api - package me.fullpage.api - package
me.fullpage.api.interfaces - package me.fullpage.api.interfaces
mineType - Variable in class
MiningEconomy - Interface in me.fullpage.api
MLocation - Interface in me.fullpage.api.interfaces
mPickaxe - Variable in class
MPickaxe - Interface in me.fullpage.api.interfaces
mPlayer - Variable in class
MPlayer - Interface in me.fullpage.api.interfaces


NMSHandler - Interface in me.fullpage.api


onPlayerMine(PlayerMineBreakEvent) - Method in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant
onUpgrade(MPlayer, MPickaxe) - Method in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant


PAY - Enum constant in enum
payBalance(Economy, long) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Economy
PlayerMineBreakEvent - Class in
PlayerMineBreakEvent(MPlayer, Location, Block, Material, ItemStack, String, MPickaxe) - Constructor for class


receiver - Variable in class
registerEnchant(Enchant) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
removeBalance(long) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Economy
resetBalance() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Economy
balance will be set to 0
run - Variable in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant


sendActionBar(Player, String) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.NMSHandler
sendMessages(String...) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPlayer
sendPrefixMessages(String...) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPlayer
SET - Enum constant in enum
setBalance(long) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Economy
setBaseCost(int) - Method in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant
setBlock(World, int, int, int, Material, boolean) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.NMSHandler
setBlockInNativeChunk(World, int, int, int, int, byte, boolean) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.NMSHandler
setCancelled(boolean) - Method in class
setCancelled(boolean) - Method in class
setCoins(int) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
setCostIncreasePerUpgrade(int) - Method in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant
setCrates(int) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
setCustom(String, int) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
setEfficiency(int) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
setEnchant(Enchantment, int) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
setExperience(int) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
setFortune(int) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
setHaste(int) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
setMaxLevel(int) - Method in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant
setMine(Location, String) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
setMinesBroken(long) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPlayer
setName(String) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPlayer
setRun(boolean) - Method in class me.fullpage.api.interfaces.Enchant
setSeller(int) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
setSmelter(int) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
setSpawners(int) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe


type - Variable in class
Types() - Constructor for enum


unregisterEnchant(Enchant) - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.MiningEconomy
updateLastResetTimeMillis() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MBlock
updates the last reset time to current millis
updateLore() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MPickaxe
updates the lore according the any changes using this interface
updateNextResetTimeMillis() - Method in interface me.fullpage.api.interfaces.MBlock
upgrades the next reset time according to configuration options


valueOf(String) - Static method in enum
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Static method in enum
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
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